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Many of you have noticed (and some have rudely pointed out) that we're a little more "mature" than many newlyweds, and our needs are not as great as a younger couple's may be. With that in mind, we registered at a couple of stores for some fancy eatin' plates and glasses so we can entertain y'all when you come to visit. And there are, in fact, a few other items on our list that you can find at either Macy's, Crate and Barrel, or at Sumarie's hometown jewelry store (more on that later). But, and this is a big but (hee, hee...I said big butt), we also have a couple of other options.

First, we have a special charity that's been important to Sumarie over the last number of years. The Haitian Mission's main purpose is to enhace the future of Haiti's children through healthcare and education. The Haitian Mission strives to provide nutrition and education for Haiti's children, giving them their only hope for a better future. In Haiti, over fity percent of its children suffer from severe malnutritition and a majority of them die before their fifth birthday. All of this happens in a country only two hours from the United States!

Second, Keith is a board member for a newly formed non-profit called The ProActive Kids Foundation. The program is in its infancy and has been created to help tackle the personal, family and community health issues related to childhood obesity.  The PAK Foundation provides a no-cost six-month educational and inspirational experience for children (ages 8-13) and their families interested in exploring healthier lifestyle options.  Participants will experience nutritional education, physical fitness, and individual and family discussion on issues such as peer/social pressures, communication and health.  As a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization, your donations are tax free and are applied to reversing one of our nation's most significant concerns.

So, for our registry you can do one of five things:

1. Go to www.weddingchannel.com and enter either Sumarie or Keith's name and get to Macy's or Crate and Barrel this way. It's better than going directly to one of the stores since 2% of your purchase will go to CARE if you go through the WeddingChannel site.
PLEASE NOTE: This stuff goes on and off SALE a LOT and the price differences are BIG, especially at Macy's. If it's not on sale, wait a few days and it probably will be.

2. Support Sumarie's hometown jewelry store, Hengstler's, and buy the same china and crystal we're registered for at Macy's. This is a little more difficult (and probably a bit more expensive) but we think it's worth the effort, plus you can purchase INDIVIDUAL pieces, unlike Macy's where only full place settings are available. To purchase this way you actually have to pick up the phone!!! Call Hengstler's directly at 706-643-7661 and they'll give you the kind of service that only a small town store still can. If you want, you can first browse our registry at Macy's and then call Hengstler's once you know what you want. That way you can feel like you're "sticking it to the man" just a little bit!

3. Write a check to The Haitian Mission. Make the check out to “MISSION FOR BIBLICAL LITERACY” OR “MBL” and mail it to MBL, 1580 PEACHTREE ST NW, ATLANTA, GA, 30309. In the Memo line, write: "Sumarie and Keith-Haiti" to ensure it is directed the correct way.

4. Write a check to The ProActive Kids Foundation. Make the check out to "PAK FOUNDATION" and mail it to PAK FOUNDATION, 1101 BELTER DRIVE, WHEATON, IL 60189. In the Memo line, write: "Sumarie and Keith" to ensure it is directed the correct way.

5. Just come celebrate with us. We know travel isn't cheap and your presence at our wedding is considered the finest gift we could ever receive.

FYI...for any donations made, you will receive documentation from the appropriate charity to help with next year's taxes.