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Plain and simple: We are a product of the internet. eHarmony helped us meet online, so it only seems appropriate to maintain a website and track things from this point on.

Our first date was November 28, 2007. We met for Sushi, and I was sure that meant I was finding a girl who was adventuresome with her palette. Only later did I learn some of my favorites are not on her list. Despite her distaste for beer, mushrooms, beer, really spicy food, and beer, we've still managed to make it this far. Unfortunately, both of our tastes for nice restaurants have managed to exercise our wallets on a fairly regular basis!

We've spent most of 2008 getting to know each other and our respective families. Trips to Alabama, California, and Iowa subjected each of us to intense (not really) family interrogations. Thankfully, we managed to stay on the good side of all the important people. Vacations to New Orleans, Grand Cayman, Chicago, and Florida provided additional chances to continue growing our relationship, and again we were successful with each experience.

We also survived a presidential political season, and our teeter-totter is well balanced albeit with differing kinds of weights. My right leaning views and her wrong (I mean left) leaning views make for interesting enough conversation, but we've already (well, almost on my part) learned how far we can push before we simply agree to disagree. Personally, I think whenever I begin to rant, Sumarie is actually nodding to the beat of a song she's singing to herself in her own head while I wear myself out. It's actually a really good arrangement.

All of this led to our decision to make it official. Down on one knee, I proposed and she said yes. I tried to make it a surprise, but I get the feeling she would have been more astonished had I not asked. I'm glad for that.

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