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This is a partial archive as some of the old pages have been lost. If I find them, I will add them in. I'malso a little unclear on the original posting dates, but I guess they're close enough.

Originally Posted June 25, 2009

Well, we're coming down to it so this will probably be the last update until after the
honeymoon. Thanks to everyone who has played along at home. We've thoroughly enjoyed the process and are now ready for the next chapter. Our houses are the only thing still dangling out there but we'll get all that worked out before too long.

At this time, we're looking forward to everyone being with us this weekend. Folks have already started filtering into town. My nephew, Cody, has been in town all week and has been a great help. We've definitely put him to work, and having him around has been wonderful. Mom and Dad finished their cross-country drive and arrived a bit early so we've had them around for a couple extra bonus days and I picked Karl and Justin up at the airport last night. As I speak, Kevin, Courtney and her boyfriend, Chuck are arriving at my house after red-eye flights from San Diego and Phoenix. More and more people will be arriving today and tomorrow and we're expecting somewhere around 270+ people to celebrate with us.

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet since there is still plenty of other work to be done. Thanks to everyone who has sent us well-wishes, energy, and prayers. To everyone who will be joining us in person, your being here means the world to us.

Looking Forward,
   Keith and Sumarie

Originally Posted May 21, 2009

So let's start this update off with what's new. Since there will be a large number of
out-of-towners visiting Atlanta for the shindig in June, we wanted to provide you with some ideas for things to do. Towards that end, you will now see that we have two new sections on the site. Eats and Drinks and Places to Go. Check them out for some ideas.

On the Friday night before the wedding we'll have our rehearsal dinner, so there are a couple things brewing for those in town not involved with the rehearsal. First, for family coming in, Sumarie has proactively made a large reservation at a restaurant called Mary Mac's Tea Room for Friday night. It can handle large groups very well and does a great job with its Southern cooking. The reservation is for 7:00 so family may want to meet there.

Also, for those "Chicago Connected" to Keith, Tony and Sharon Ryan (now of Ann Arbor, Michigan) are taking the lead on trying to get that group together. No matter how loosely connected to that group you are, feel free to email Tony directly if you haven't heard from him already. He can be reached at athryan@comcast.net.

As you can tell, things are really cooking around here. I, especially, was cooking last
weekend in Las Vegas where it was hovering around 100 degrees. I met up there with 11 other guys, some family and some friends, to help me celebrate my impending loss of bachelorhood.

California, Washington, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, and of course Georgia were all represented. We had a lot of fun spending most of our time on our bible studies, singing songs of love, and getting a bit wild with the penny slots. The most exciting part was a hike and ride on the monorail for most of the group. Two of the smarter folks took a cab. And that's all I'll say about that, other than my friend Dan believes you lose one year of life for every day you spend in Vegas.

While I was in Vegas, Sumarie had two other wedding related functions. You can read all about that in the Sumarie Zone...at least you'll be able to once she gets her update complete. It will be soon. We promise and by "we" I mean not me.

In other news, we were both complemented on Tuesday night for not looking at our feet. We went to our first dance lesson, where learning to dance is really not at all the goal. Not crushing Sumarie's toes on our wedding night is the only real focus of the lessons and anything I learn in addition to that will be icing on the cake.

It's time to wrap this edition up, but know that we are very excited to see everyone who is coming to the wedding and that we understand completely all those who can't make the trip.

For all those others who have been sending us good thoughts and prayers and who have written in our Guestbook, we say, "Thank You." Until next time we are...

  --Looking Forward

Originally Posted May 14, 2009

I believe we are finally entering the "Scary Time" in our planning. It is all beginning to feel very real and so far neither of us has had the urge to turn and run. I think things have progressed about as smoothly as they can, but I'm only one opinion. In almost every way, we are ready for the next big step.

We've had two more sessions at the church since our last update. One with the psychologist and another with the minister. No real surprises except for one: According to how Sumarie answered her test questions, she believes that I am not particularly sympathetic. Wuh?

I have been struggling with that, and in my struggles I've found that all women feel that way about all men. She, however, believes there is a flaw in the scoring and that it came as a result of my penchant for honking and yelling at people in traffic. I have been incapable of convincing her, or anyone else for that matter, that my demonstrative behavior in traffic is meant to be purely educational. How else will they learn if I don't do my part to educate them as to their ignorant, selfish, clueless ways? I'm guessing my brother Kevin understands me on this one.

Anyway, our only real angst these days revolves around our homes. We currently have someone working through a punch list on Sumarie's house as we ready it for selling. Mine has been on the market for over eight weeks and has had exactly one person look at it. It could be very depressing if we allowed it to be, but for the most part we're taking it for what it is. I blame Obama. She blames Bush.

The logistics of putting a wedding together may pale in comparison to keeping two houses clean and presentable while shuttling three dogs around to avoid those few people who actually do want to view our homes. Just so all of our dear readers know, there is a $1500 finder's fee for anyone who sends us someone who buys either house. That's cash money payable immediately upon closing signatures. We'll even take you out for a steak dinner at one of Atlanta's finest establishments. Think about it!!

So as we come down the home stretch, some of the fun stuff is beginning. Sumarie has had one shower and will have another this weekend. While she does that, I'll be with a number of close friends and family in Las Vegas for my bachelor party. We'll try to stay in relative control, and I do think we'll be okay since our ranks include a lawyer, an E.R. doc, a former Vegas resident, and, most importantly for a place like Vegas, we'll have with us TWO of the luckiest men in the universe. One pulls cards out of his butt, wins the stupidest bets imagineable, and survives motorcycle crashes; the other gets to marry Sumarie in 43 days.

        --Looking Forward

Originally posted April 16, 2009

The song, “Burning Down The House” has been running through my mind lately, and I have no idea why. None, zero, nada. I just can’t figure out why it won’t exit my pea-sized brain and make room for more important things.

Anyway, I’m beginning to feel it’s all downhill from here. Am I a fool? Only time will tell. The last two major things, as far as I’m concerned, are done. We’ve decided on a photographer and we’re going with a DJ that comes recommended from friends who have used him and been entertained by him on a number of occasions. At least if he sucks, we’ll know who to blame!

So, let’s return to our scorecard. Dresses done, colors cool, tuxes ticked, flights found, bachelor(ette) parties perfectly booked, reception receptive, caterers copasetic, church chosen, hotels hooked up, honeymoon hot hot hot, invitations inviting, photographer phantastic, bar brewed, cake cooking, music managed, and showers schwing.

So there’s nothing left to worry about, except maybe our housing arrangement. Mine is for sale and has yet to see a prospect. Sumarie’s is part zoo as all three dogs are spending their time in her cozy home. In addition to Zuzu, and 100-lbs. of perfect love (Libby), we are fostering Mona the Monster until October. Mona belongs to my cousin Betzi who is busy rebuilding homes in New Orleans. Libby is no longer seen as a big dog since Mona the Great Dane towers above all she surveys!

All five of us will feel great relief when we sell both houses and find a new home to begin our lives together. We’re realizing that's much easier said than done. I do believe the song in my head is now beginning to make more sense.

This Saturday will be our second counseling session at the church and a chance to review our personality test scores. More to come on that front, but unless we discover some deep dark and scary secrets about each other, I figure the wedding will still be on. This is despite the fact that our Pastor has greeted us as the Potential Couple!! I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and choosing to believe that he meant Prospective. He may, however, know something we don’t. He does, after all, have a working relationship with the big Guy.

All for now. We’ll be back in touch soon. Some things sure can sweep me off my feet.

        --Looking Forward.