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The largest museum of natural sciences in the Southeast, this architecturally stunning facility borders 65 acres of pristine forest.  

When the Great Hall was designed, it was meant to one day be the home of a large-scale permanent dinosaur exhibition, and in 2000, Fernbank became the only place in the world to display a complete mounted skeleton of Argentinosaurus, the largest dinosaur ever found. The permanent exhibit, "Giants of the Mesozoic," features the 90-foot-long plant-eater as it defends its nest of eggs against the 45-foot-long Giganotosaurus, the largest meat-eater ever classified. Hovering above in the 86-foot-tall hall are two flying pterosaurs. Look closely at the museum floors, where ancient fossil remains from the late Jurassic period are embedded.There are several other permanent exhibits, including "A Walk through Time in Georgia," which uses the state as a microcosm to tell the story of the earth's development through time and the chronology of life upon it.

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